Definition of only too — in US English:

only too —


  • Used to emphasize that something is the case to an extreme or regrettable extent.

    ‘you should be only too glad to be rid of him’
    ‘they found that the rumor was only too true’
    • ‘The audience liked it and I was flooded with questions which I was only too happy to answer.’
    • ‘Being an inveterate gambler, the fourth son was only too glad to accept the offer.’
    • ‘Rebecca seemed only too glad to do so, as she seemed also to want to sit by this newcomer.’
    • ‘The builders are only too happy to tell them what they want to hear.’
    • ‘As with scores of book-lovers, book sellers are only too happy to carry the credit.’
    • ‘Agents are only too glad to employ former players for their contacts in the game.’
    • ‘It is only too convenient to pose for photo opportunities and political points.’
    • ‘You really need to talk with someone about this, and your best friend or favorite sibling will be only too happy to listen.’
    • ‘By that time a number of landlords were only too glad to sell up and be expropriated.’
    • ‘He will be only too glad to hear from you so why not contact the Western People to see what we can do for you.’