Definition of onliner in US English:



  • A person who is online; an Internet user.

    ‘how do you prevent altered ‘facts’ from being presented to young onliners as the gospel truth?’
    • ‘Offensive junk mail, in particular that of an adult nature has become increasingly an issue to all of us onliners and site owners alike.’
    • ‘On-liners are far more flexible and resilient than the MPAA gives them credit for.’
    • ‘It's always nice to have a helpful group of on-liners to show me the error of my ways.’
    • ‘Many onliners still have to wait up to 30 minutes or more to open overly large files due to their connection speed.’
    • ‘And singing is impossible (unless you consider the mutual recitation of lyrics as singing - which some onliners do).’
    • ‘"Most onliners are not clear communicators," says Judith Kallos, of’
    • ‘Newspapers that expect to attain eternal life as lighthouses amidst the roiling darkness of "data smog" (a fine coinage of onliners) will have to smarten up.’
    • ‘In the past decade, there has been very little progress when it comes to onliners wanting to acquire just enough information and knowledge to know how to protect themselves.’
    • ‘Probably out of a discontent with the dwindling resources dedicated to film in the traditional media, we onliners are defining our own film culture as we go along.’
    • ‘In defence of the reporters is the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EEF) which believes onliners deserve the same protection from revealing professional confidences enjoyed by other journalists.’
    • ‘So many onliners take no care in the choice of words used, or how the content of their e-mail will reflect on them.’