Definition of onionskin in US English:


(also onionskin paper)


  • Very fine smooth translucent paper.

    • ‘Too bad the moviemaker and his screenwriter, Paul Gégauff, aren't on the same piece of onionskin.’
    • ‘The second is a seven page document attributed to the Office of Scientific Intelligence in 1976, this is a photocopied onionskin document titled UFO Sovereignty Over Air Space: A Defense Intelligence Problem.’
    • ‘Manual typewriters with onionskin carbon paper were the closest many of us got to automation.’
    • ‘Please note that Caferati only wants entries via email, so if your manuscript is written in copperplate across twenty-seven violet-scented onionskin pages, start typing.’
    • ‘Michael Cimino and Bo Goldman's screenplay is so thin and transparent it could have been printed on onionskin.’
    • ‘‘Buffy!’ she squealed, in an exuberant pleasure he knew to be genuine, if with no more depth than a sheet of onionskin.’’
    • ‘Inside was a sheet of onionskin typing paper, the kind that's slippery but crinkles.’
    • ‘Freights were lined in and out of the yard, train orders were copied on onionskin off the sounder (and hooped up to the crews), switches were lined and signals set.’