Definition of one of the lads in US English:

one of the lads


  • A man who is an accepted or integral member of a male social group.

    ‘he's one of the lads—a top bloke’
    ‘I tried to fit in by being one of the lads’
    • ‘His reputation as one of the lads will not preclude him from making enemies with his wild-card selections.’
    • ‘He let the other one get under his skin and destroy what made him one of the lads to begin with.’
    • ‘He'd been working with us for about four years and was just one of the lads.’
    • ‘It is done in such an unassuming way that we see Stephen as just one of the lads out for the nigh.’
    • ‘You have to be seen to be one of the lads and highly popular for the position.’
    • ‘People say in front of the camera he's boring or whatever, but away from the camera, he's a great laugh and one of the lads really.’
    • ‘She tries to act as one of the lads, but is not respected at all by them.’
    • ‘I am just one of the lads now, and am treated no differently.’
    • ‘It's early days for me yet, but he is different from other managers in that he tries to be one of the lads.’
    • ‘"He was one of the lads from the start," says Ritchie.’
    • ‘He was a strong character and one of the lads.’
    • ‘It's a slow process, but after half an hour, I am accepted as one of the lads.’
    • ‘I tried to fit in by being one of the lads.’
    • ‘You would not have thought he was a superstar; he was always one of the lads.’
    • ‘It always seemed that I was one of the lads and that I was okay, but inside … I didn't feel that I was matching up to them.’