Definition of one fine day in US English:

one fine day


  • At some unspecified or unknown time.

    ‘you want to be the Chancellor one fine day’
    • ‘Then one fine day, a boy called Rocky almost proved me wrong.’
    • ‘And then, one fine day, your child turns to you and tells you that smoking is dangerous.’
    • ‘Normal service resumes… oh, I don't know… one fine day.’
    • ‘And once we get down to improving our infrastructure, which includes good roads, uninterrupted power supply, a good international airport, which is going to happen one fine day, then we can say we are nearly there.’
    • ‘Arriving at school one fine day, this odd couple is smitten by a new student, Leigh Cabot, who is as smart as she is attractive.’
    • ‘I have always made a habit of retaining the last few frames of film for the unexpected - it has never come to much all these years, but one fine day, I hit pay dirt.’
    • ‘Having taken refuge in many other women after their break up he had finally, one fine day, woken up in some strange woman's bed and began to cry.’
    • ‘I considered myself lucky most of the time, until one fine day…’
    • ‘So one fine day, the moody tusker decides that he wants to take over the rat holes near his lair and starts killing the rats one by one.’
    • ‘Once again the boredom of prison life seeps into Horatio's life, until one fine day when the commandant brings the unexpected news that Horatio and his men are being freed in recognition of their efforts to rescue the wrecked Spanish crew.’