Definition of one day in US English:

one day


  • 1At a particular but unspecified time in the past.

    ‘one day a boy started teasing Grady’
    • ‘Someone is going to get killed that way one of these days.’
    • ‘He lives over in Cayman Brac, and one of these days, I am going to go over there and meet him in person.’
    • ‘I mentioned earlier you might wind up on the U.S. Supreme Court one of these days.’
    • ‘She says it's going to get her killed one of these days, and I believe her.’
    • ‘I guess it's canned spaghetti for lunch; I really have to go shopping for food one of these days.’
    • ‘The committee members told me that one of these days, I might face the problem of getting arrested.’
    • ‘They are questions we will all be forced to deal with one of these days.’
    • ‘The volunteers would also appreciate payment one of these days - something that has not yet happened.’
    • ‘God, my rapier wit will get me in trouble one of these days.’
    • ‘I'll pop by there one of these days and see if that wooden house is still there.’
    • ‘How lucky would I be to see her cheery little face walking up my drive one of these days?’
    • ‘We look forward to you getting a straightforward answer to that question one of these days.’
    • ‘I hope to do a Weekender front page story on Tunisia one of these days soon.’
    • ‘I also heard that he'll come by, one of these days, to meet with the people.’
    • ‘My guess is that common sense will make a comeback one of these days.’
    • ‘And Jane, I really do hope you plan to do a story on female scientists one of these days.’
    • ‘It's about sleep, a subject I've been researching for a novel that I hope will get written one of these days.’
    • ‘Because one of these days, the Democrats are going to be in the majority.’
    • ‘And who knows, I might need a job as a lobbyist with them one of these days.’
    • ‘I will understand the concept of discipline one of these days.’
    1. 1.1 At a particular but unspecified time in the future.
      ‘he would one day be a great President’