Definition of one-world in US English:



  • Relating to or holding the view that the world's inhabitants are interdependent and should behave accordingly.

    • ‘Words and actions of one-world architects make it clear that they intend to shatter freedom and then remold the world to their collectivist heart's desire.’
    • ‘Expect more of these one-world combines to come online as corporations eagerly break their ties to any particular nation, trying to gain a global presence that's too big and too far flung for ‘we the people’ to have any control over.’
    • ‘Dr. LaHaye also notes, ‘The Bible clearly teaches there's going to be a one-world government in the last days.’’
    • ‘Later on, aided by wicked officials at the United Nations, the Anti-Christ comes to power and establishes a godless one-world government.’
    • ‘But Wonder's ingenuous one-world sentiments are apotheosized into truth by the strength of his melodic gifts (which haven't failed him yet) and a voice that's still sweet and grainy when it needs to be.’
    • ‘But there is no guarantee that a one-world government will respect the laws, customs, and institutions of the traditional freedom-loving West.’
    • ‘Rolled together, these bits of long-term economic data indicate that the country, is very slowly being forced into an open-border, one-world, economic quagmire.’
    • ‘The structural correspondence of wartime and postwar approaches to political subjectivity was an insight not lost on the Bechers' generation and one that motivated their rejection of the one-world, hearts-of-men model.’
    • ‘Naïve young people who have never been exposed to religion embrace the UN's secular, one-world, brotherhood-of-man cant as a substitute.’
    • ‘His goal appears to favor a one-world government.’
    • ‘Being young and prone to idealism, they perceive ‘political centralization and a one-world government’ to be an ideal just as the students in Marx's day mistook his ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ as some sort of ideal.’
    • ‘This is because their secret agenda has always already been the creation of a one-world government - a New World Order - bypassing nations and creating a system or web from which there is no escape.’
    • ‘I stated that we are being propelled toward a one-world despotism because of a powerful ‘collectivist curvature of the mind’ that took over our intellectuals starting back in the early 20th century.’
    • ‘Lovers of conspiracy theories frequently point to plans to set up a one-world government.’
    • ‘Despite the one-world, joyous jamboree atmosphere, there was also an artificiality, an aura of showbiz about the event that seemed to stifle anything truly authentic.’
    • ‘Now farmers are adapting to a one-world view, which deplores subsidies in one country that disadvantage another, which treats the environment as paramount and which encourages a return to locally-produced quality food.’
    • ‘Third, I think it is vitally important to continually make clear that a one-world government would be antithetical to individual liberty - even a one-world government formed with the best of intentions.’
    • ‘There are other Rapture-tastic touches too, such as a one-world government and a one-world currency.’
    • ‘Worldwide agricultural research and development cooperation is not a sinister secret plot, it is not even an element of so called one-world government.’
    • ‘In keeping with Labour's global one-world vision, and on behalf of taxpayers, the Government is donating much of our tertiary education system to foreigners.’