Definition of one-time in US English:


(also onetime)


  • 1Former.

    ‘a one-time football player’
    • ‘And, by his own admission, the one-time Portsmouth trainee isn't the player he was at the start of the season.’
    • ‘So is the former Home Office Minister and one-time contender for the Conservative leadership already a customer?’
    • ‘Not a single fact in that plagiarised thesis was untrue, a former Campbell acolyte averred in coy defense of his one-time master.’
    • ‘The good news is that there has been a complete culture change at Riverlands, the one-time Sauvignon Blanc factory.’
    • ‘Rejected in his own country, the one-time toast of Broadway has finally to rely for validation on the subsidised theatre in England.’
    • ‘The former Manchester vicar and one-time Eton chaplain has consistently declined to comment on the allegations against him.’
    • ‘The one-time Rangers youth player rose well to meet Sheridan's corner from the right, but his effort came back off the bar.’
    • ‘The one-time basketball league now is a football factory, for better or for worse.’
    • ‘United and City legend Denis, a one-time European Footballer of the Year, had surgery just over a year ago for prostate cancer.’
    • ‘It consists of the former Egyptian embassy and a one-time annexe to Russia's embassy knocked together.’
    • ‘He called his one-time aide and asked if she would head their former bureau.’
    • ‘The one-time slave says, I have proved and am proving that I can overcome slavery.’
    • ‘There's little disputing that, as a DJ, the one-time footballer from the seaport, is one of the best.’
    • ‘A one-time student activist in Liberia now makes his home in the United States.’
    • ‘The warning was delivered by the one-time second most senior figure in the Church of England in a lecture at Huddersfield University.’
    • ‘The one-time high flyer is to sue the player who was involved in the tackle which broke his leg and ended his career at the age of 25.’
    • ‘Does the former nurse and Britain's one-time most famous agony aunt have any advice for our fearful nation?’
    • ‘The fact that he could not hit the net even once was down to the reflexes of the one-time York stopper.’
    • ‘The Scotland manager would not apply for the job, but the one-time assistant at Fir Park is unlikely to escape the club's attentions.’
    • ‘As a former minister for education and a one-time maths teacher he has made no secret of his desire to see improvements in educational standards.’
    former, ex-, old, previous, sometime, erstwhile, as was, once, then, lapsed
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  • 2Relating to a single occasion.

    ‘a one-time charge’
    • ‘Are you looking for a regular weekly volunteer commitment or maybe a short-term or one-time opportunity?’
    • ‘Taking into account one-time charges, the firm recorded an actual net loss is $268.’
    • ‘On a specified date in January, the player and his team make a one-time exchange of proposed salaries.’
    • ‘Removing all previous treatments and then polishing the floor can be a one-time fix that saves money.’
    • ‘Teams that pay the luxury tax might be able to use a one-time opportunity to cut one player.’
    • ‘The problem is that GAAP includes a lot of noncash charges and one-time expenses.’
    • ‘However, one will quickly note that these events are not isolated, nor are they a one-time event.’
    • ‘In addition, the Czechs resisted the one-time compensation fee paid to federations for players.’
    • ‘It anticipates a one-time charge of $100 million in the second quarter related to the staff reductions.’
    • ‘Finally, after speaking to her manager she was able to get approval to make a one-time charge.’
    • ‘Cisco said it expected to take a one-time combined charge of not more than two cents in connection with the acquisitions.’
    • ‘Only a one-time tax of 20 per cent will be applicable when the capital is distributed to investors.’
    • ‘Including these one-time charges, Symantec reported earnings per share of zero cents.’
    • ‘Commerce data exclude a number of one-time charges that show up in shareholder reports.’
    • ‘Is the violent death of a charismatic former Test cricketer and media personality a one-time page three story?’
    • ‘Efforts to streamline the tax structure by means of a single tax system and one-time payment are a welcome move.’
    • ‘Caldera will take a one-time charge of $450,000, about half of its quarterly income.’
    • ‘Big Blue will charge a one-time setup fee and send a bill each month based on how much compute capacity is used up.’
    • ‘I would like to think it was one-time shot, mailing them all out at once, myself.’
    • ‘Hiding such costs in one-time charges can give investors a false picture of rapid sales growth.’
    • ‘Once again, one-time sources of revenues are expected to keep budget deficits down.’
    • ‘Some are free, some charge a one-time fee and others charge a subscription fee.’



/ˈwən ˈˌtīm//ˈwən ˈˌtaɪm/