Definition of one-step in US English:



  • A vigorous kind of ballroom dance in duple time.

    • ‘It is, quite simply, two people in ballroom position taking One Step per beat of the music.’
    • ‘The origin of our modern Foxtrot can be seen in the old dances One-step and Rag.’
    • ‘Hungary forbids "jazz."; Minister of Home Affairs also banishes foxtrot and one-step.’


  • (of a process or procedure) consisting of only one stage; straightforward.

    ‘a one-step self-help program’
    • ‘On the other hand we believe that with our contacts in the UK market we can sell a considerable number of your one-step peroxide products.’
    • ‘Lines denote mutation steps, with a one-step distance being indicated in the lower-right corner.’
    • ‘We randomly selected a single one-step beneficial mutant sequence to be the next wild-type sequence.’
    • ‘In some cases, the one-step model appeared to explain the observed data less well.’
    • ‘Stains can be treated with a good one-step upholstery cleaner.’
    • ‘A one-step gene disruption by homologous recombination was performed.’