Definition of one-lunger in US English:



  • 1A single-cylinder engine.

    • ‘This year we had a record 21 steamboats, 3 one-lungers and a Stirling-powered sidewheeler’
    • ‘Marine Internal Combustion engines were wither small "one-lungers" or in larger sizes very heavy and slow speed for their power output.’
    • ‘I'm looking for a one-lunger - around 3 hp - for an old 15' double-ender open boat.’
    • ‘We always lent an ear for the one-lungers of the oilfield, but it was not until this spring that one of them darn things followed me home.’
    • ‘Both are one-lungers and develop four to six horsepower.’
    1. 1.1 A vehicle or boat powered by a single-cylinder engine.