Definition of one-dimensionality in US English:



  • See one-dimensional

    • ‘It's quite dull, this part of the movie, mostly because of the bland one-dimensionality of the characters.’
    • ‘In the one-dimensionality of Barthes' analysis lies both its strengths and its weaknesses.’
    • ‘In light of this, we have to recognize that much of the criticism of the one-dimensionality of secular society is often quite legitimate.’
    • ‘And while there was a significant lack of Black menace, I thought any shred of one-dimensionality was completely trumped in the scene in which Black tries to talk down Lupin from his transformation.’
    • ‘It's a sore field of losers no matter how you slice it, locking people into stagnancy and one-dimensionality.’
    • ‘Part of what makes it so unfathomable nowadays is the one-dimensionality of Valentine's Day, which gets any veteran soul wary at the first mention of love.’
    • ‘The bad guys' one-dimensionality went from caustic to just strident.’
    • ‘The one-dimensionality of the film wasn't helped by the fact that there wasn't any dialogue - the songs were entirely outside of the action, and thus couldn't add much to the story.’
    • ‘The only shortcoming of this recording is its one-dimensionality - too much of the same instrument.’
    • ‘One of the wonderful attributes of music is its portability and its experiential one-dimensionality - put into plain language, you can do the washing up or drive a car or make love while listening to music.’
    • ‘Most annoying was the one-dimensionality of many characters: Agamemnon, Menelaus and Paris in particular.’
    • ‘They offer inherent one-dimensionality, a diversity of optical and electrical properties, good size control, low surface roughness and, in principle, the ability to operate above and below light-diffraction limits.’
    • ‘Also, it resists one-dimensionality through its fusion of images of heterosexuality with those expressing a desire to build diasporic and cross-cultural connections.’
    • ‘I struggle with the one-dimensionality of stolen bases.’
    • ‘Much of the criticism of the one-dimensionality of Western secular society is in fact quite legitimate.’
    • ‘That the movie teases us with a great premise but degenerates into mindless one-dimensionality.’
    • ‘So the one-dimensionality of Gaines' character now gets transferred up a level, and Gaines becomes a two- or three-dimensional character.’
    • ‘Instead, she simply inveighs against the notion of male writers and their alleged one-dimensionality.’
    • ‘Though improvisational, the films collectively tap into a sophisticated cinematic language that moves beyond the one-dimensionality you'd expect.’
    • ‘This is actually another strength of the film and the brief moments between the teens and their parents speak volumes without descending into cliché or one-dimensionality.’