Definition of one's life's work in US English:

one's life's work


  • The work (especially that of an academic or artistic nature) accomplished in or pursued throughout someone's lifetime.

    • ‘Dharma implies that each of us has unique talents waiting to be expressed through our life's work.’
    • ‘Like the swarms of people who flock to Web sites devoted to the study of genealogy, company owners who fall into their life's work through happenstance or inheritance may feel rootless, even disaffected.’
    • ‘The artist has finished what he once called his life's work and now lives in sheltered housing in Manchester.’
    • ‘What's it like to see a huge chunk of your life's work in one volume?’
    • ‘After 20 years and 11 albums, he takes stock of his life's work in a new collection of his most famous songs.’
    • ‘Some people, when they're told they have terminal illnesses, start planning for after life: writing memoirs, completing their life's work, sorting through their photo albums or whatever.’
    • ‘The son seems to have made posturing against his father's accomplishments and beliefs his life's work.’
    • ‘At the same time, she always found her life conditions, as an impecunious single woman editing and translating the work of great men, to be unpropitious for even defining much less accomplishing her life's work.’
    • ‘Paul's position was not academic theory; it was a statement of his life's work.’
    • ‘At the late career stage, faculty members begin putting together their life's work, although some use this period to pursue entirely new agendas.’