Definition of one's (own) kind in US English:

one's (own) kind


  • People with whom one has a great deal in common.

    ‘we stick with our own kind’
    • ‘What does come through, not altogether attractively, is a steely determination in these well-born girls to stick with their own kind.’
    • ‘It's only nature, not hatred, to keep people among their own kind.’
    • ‘I did not get the comfort of a supportive family and I was cut off from my own kind.’
    • ‘If this is you, then fine, enjoy the national anthem and the commercials and the halftime show on Sunday, but please do it with your own kind.’
    • ‘Human rights legislation has placed an obligation on police to protect drug traffickers, robbers, gunmen and their associates from their own kind.’
    • ‘Is it possible to be prejudiced towards your own kind?’
    • ‘I think, for the most part. they're opportunists without much dignity or pride, people who would sell out their own kind to get ahead.’
    • ‘But why are these individuals haunting the most liberal blogs on the net to gloat instead of celebrating their victory with their own kind?’
    • ‘Scientists, in whatever society, are a quirky lot, motivated by enigmatic incentives comprehensible only to their own kind.’
    • ‘He detests the sort of expats who stick only to their own kind, and takes a dim view of those who make no effort to bridge cultural gaps.’