Definition of oncoprotein in US English:



  • A protein encoded by an oncogene which can cause the transformation of a cell into a tumor cell if introduced into it.

    • ‘It is considered a mechanism that can quantitatively regulate substrates such as cyclins, transcription factors, hormone nuclear receptors, and oncoproteins.’
    • ‘What Hung and his team of researchers investigated was just how HBV results in accumulation and activation of the beta catenin oncoprotein.’
    • ‘For patients with cervical cancer, interest has focused on the human papillomavirus oncoproteins, E6 and E7, with a human papillomavirus - 16 E7 peptide vaccine tested recently.’
    • ‘The first group is represented by the c1 / pl1 family, whose members encode proteins with sequence homology to the tryptophan cluster, DNA-binding domain of MYB oncoproteins.’
    • ‘E7, the human papilloma virus oncoprotein, binds to S4 through the carboxy-terminal zinc-binding motif.’
    • ‘The blood test measures circulating levels of the HER - 2 / neu oncoprotein to help oncologists treat patients with metastatic breast cancer.’
    • ‘The CGL1 cell line has functional p53 even though these cells express the E6 oncoprotein.’
    • ‘Although both oncoproteins contain RARalpha genes, the t translocation is resistant to ATRA therapy.’
    • ‘Detection of IgG isotype reactivity with the E7 oncoproteins of HPV appears to reflect the effectiveness of the immune response against cervical cancers and their precursors.’
    • ‘Additionally, the transforming activities of DNA tumor virus oncoproteins are mediated via their interaction with RB1.’
    • ‘The neoplasms were stained with use of the proliferation marker MIB - 1 and the cell cycle-related oncoproteins p53 and bcl - 2.’
    • ‘The tumor cells and nonneoplastic ectopic breast tissue were both negative for c-ErbB2 oncoprotein and carcinoembryonic antigen (Dako).’
    • ‘The determination of the two oncoproteins simultaneously, would provide some useful reference data: the higher the expressions are, the higher the severity of disease.’
    • ‘Microwave antigen retrieval was used with cytokeratin and Bcl - 2 oncoprotein.’
    • ‘The E - 6 oncoprotein specifically inactivates wild type p53, and the E - 7 oncoprotein inactivates Rb.’
    • ‘Free radicals like ROS, RNS and lipid peroxidation products such as Malondialdehyde have been shown to induce pressure of c-fos and c-jun oncoproteins.’
    • ‘The respective antibodies were MIB - 1, DO - 7, and antihuman bcl - 2 oncoprotein clone 124.’
    • ‘Moreover, this method has the advantage of not needing to discover an inhibitor for every oncoprotein.’
    • ‘Our study has shown a correlation between the two expressions of oncoproteins and tumor differentiation, recurrence as well as patient outcome.’
    • ‘This suggests that the c-erb-b2 oncoprotein may possibly be involved in proliferative responses of pancreatic epithelium.’


From onco- + protein.