Definition of oncologic in US English:



  • See oncology

    • ‘I believe that we are just starting to see a glimpse of the potential design of a future oncologic pathology report, one that takes data from diverse sources and creates and integrates databases.’
    • ‘Photodynamic therapy, a treatment modality that uses a photosensitizing drug activated by light, is proving effective for various oncologic and nononcologic applications.’
    • ‘The most common symptom is pain in the affected bone; neurologic, hearing, vision, cardiac, and oncologic complications are possible.’
    • ‘Chronic pulmonary conditions, oncologic or hematologic conditions, chronic neurologic conditions, and multiple chronic conditions were significantly more frequent in the older group.’
    • ‘The patient underwent an exploratory laparotomy for the removal of the retroperitoneal mass, as well as total abdominal hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, and gynecologic / oncologic staging procedures.’
    • ‘In support of this explanation, the use of a simple checklist on rounds was recently shown to reduce the length of stay in a surgical / oncologic ICU.’
    • ‘In keeping with accepted tenets of oncologic chemotherapy, two or more of these agents were frequently combined in an effort to achieve higher response rates with the goal of improving survival.’
    • ‘The oncologic surgeon tries to preserve the inframammary fold, as this will help in the reproduction of a symmetric breast.’
    • ‘When the surgeon decides to leave the nipple areola in place for a prophylactic or oncologic procedure, no mammary tissue should be left underneath.’
    • ‘It is notable that, in our community, pediatric oncologic patients of all socioeconomic groups attend 2 main pediatric hospitals, one of which is our own.’
    • ‘Immunocompromise from cancer, certain oncologic therapies, or HIV infection also puts patients at risk for PCM, again because immunocompromise is conducive to a net catabolic or hypermetabolic state.’
    • ‘In this study, we explore the integration of oncologic surgical pathology assessment into an outcomes database.’
    • ‘Although underlying oncologic diagnoses were uncommon in the overall population, they were disproportionately represented in this group of ARDS patients.’
    • ‘The Health Technology Advisory Committee has published a report on positron emission tomography for oncologic applications.’
    • ‘While these tumors are clearly distinct from anaplastic thyroid carcinoma, prognostication as to their oncologic potential is not yet established.’
    • ‘The study of cadherin proteins continues to show promise in the classification, diagnosis, prognosis, and future therapeutic strategies for oncologic diseases.44,45’
    • ‘When you deal with a tumor, even a benign tumor, sometimes it's better to cut it out with clean margins, do what's called an oncologic surgery.’
    • ‘The same experience and approaches for home death and bereavement that have been successfully applied to children with terminal oncologic problems or late-stage cystic fibrosis can be utilized.’
    • ‘It is important to distinguish ACCs from the more common low-grade neuroendocrine tumors, as the latter have a better prognosis and oncologic management differs significantly.’
    • ‘The book details guidelines for breast reconstruction, oncologic management, and the latest surgical techniques.’