Definition of once and future in US English:

once and future


  • Denoting someone or something that is eternal, enduring, or constant.

    • ‘The once and future Hollywood legend would like to sell you a few things via set-top box on his expanding interactive platform.’
    • ‘The latter similarly sprang from a private association that dates to 1975, when the Cold War often shaped cultural strategies in Germany's once and future capital.’
    • ‘Your book deals with the once and future threat of smallpox.’
    • ‘Ed Balls, the chancellor's once and future righthand man, gave every indication in the Commons that drastic action could be taken.’
    • ‘It's not entirely clear whether he's speculating how our once and future republic might defend itself, or giving tips to the present state.’
    • ‘When the numbers were announced for the second ballot, the once and future national chief had five more votes than he needed to bring the election to an end.’
    • ‘To pretend otherwise, to present herself as the once and future champion of a sovereign Britain, was to utter a whopper of leviathan proportions.’
    • ‘The government in Bonn packed its bags and relocated to the Reichstag, the once and future capitol edifice - meaning Berlin had to fit the bill as a nation's capital.’
    • ‘I was driven to The Docks by my once and future boyfriend, Olivier, who works out at the gym roughly 17 times a week.’
    • ‘Whether he likes it or not, Andy Reid is a once and future hero in Philadelphia, where his name initially generated jeers, not cheers.’