Definition of once-over in US English:



  • 1A rapid inspection or search.

    ‘some doctor came and gave us all a once-over’
    • ‘She watched as he gave her a once-over, causing her blood pressure to rise.’
    • ‘She gave him a once-over and nodded in approval.’
    • ‘‘Yuk’, Eddie commented as he gave her a once-over, rubbing the end of his nose.’
    • ‘I can't give a beautiful woman the once-over any more, because she usually turns around and looks at me because I'm me and being such a guy.’
    • ‘He gave Melanie a once-over, and shot Eon a confused look.’
    • ‘He gave me an once-over, slowly letting his gaze survey me up and down, and I felt my cheeks heat up, regretting my stupid retort.’
    • ‘I raised my eyebrow in response and gave him a once-over.’
    • ‘Kyle walked over to Stephen, still unconscious, and gave him a once-over.’
    • ‘Sparhawk took the plans and gave them a once-over.’
    • ‘She leaned back on Mephisto, and gave him a once-over.’
    • ‘Now executives treat the plan as a work in progress, giving it a thorough once-over every quarter and reviewing some parts weekly.’
    • ‘Michael gave me the once-over and looked rather shocked with his mouth hanging slightly open and all.’
    • ‘I gave her a once-over, taking in my childhood best friend.’
    • ‘I gave him a once-over as he looked at me oddly because of my strange comment.’
    • ‘I gave the cramped club a brief once-over, looking for any telltale signs for any of my friends.’
    • ‘The looks you receive from those already seated, the up-and-down once-over, leave you to decide whether to get comfortable right then or split.’
    • ‘The doctor will give you a once-over, checking for obesity and high-blood pressure.’
    • ‘‘Hello, stranger’, she mumbled, giving the four girls a once-over, before clambering back to Noor, who was looking at them in disgust.’
    • ‘The security guard standing outside the door gave him an once-over, then took a good look in his eyes and reconsidered.’
    • ‘Then she gives my clothes a once-over, suddenly scrutinizing the outfit Sini picked out for me as if it is the most important thing in the whole world.’
    careful examination, inspection, survey, scan, study, perusal
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    1. 1.1 A piece of work that is done quickly.
      ‘a quick once-over with a broom’
      • ‘Well, maybe not, but the garden definitely needs a once-over from a crawling POV for, e.g., pots full of broken shards of other pots (to use at the bottom of pots to aid drainage).’
      • ‘Give your body a once-over with a loofah sponge, then finish with a final warm water rinse.’
      • ‘He forced himself to open his eyes and work the rest of the paint from his face and hair, giving himself a quick once-over with the soap.’
      • ‘Why do people do a once-over cleaning on their house right before a housecleaner comes to do that very thing?’
      • ‘A party of 20 went to Abbeyfields sheltered housing in Bath Road, Old Town, to decorate a bedroom, a bathroom, and give the garden the once-over.’
      • ‘And once you've done that, can you clean the bathroom mirror and give the living room a once-over with a duster?’
      • ‘But what if your home needs more than a cosmetic once-over?’
      • ‘Get yourself an electric shaver and do a once-over on your stubbly parts.’
      • ‘I had my windows wide open to allow myself a decent angle with the camera, which has just been given the once-over with a towel.’
      • ‘After 1,000 rounds I'll take the piece to a gunsmith for a trigger job, and have him give the cylinder a once-over.’
      • ‘I'm doing more than a once-over with eye shadow and mascara.’
      • ‘I can only just about type - if having hooves wasn't bad enough - and I hope the grand lads in the office at Walmgate give this a once-over with a spell-checker.’
      • ‘Having treated every notion of good taste to a once-over with a rusty steel brush during act one, it seems the only trick left in Manson's hat would be Alice Cooper's cue to get elected.’
      • ‘Any CORGI-registered gas installer should be able to give your boiler a quick once-over to make sure it is working smoothly.’
      • ‘But a quick once-over with an old toothbrush quickly put things right.’
      • ‘The lawmen also give the once-over to red and gold bamboo plants and Davis' melon crop.’
      • ‘If yours has been cold since late September or October, give it a good once-over before that first meal of 2002.’
      • ‘Nw wheels sometimes need an initial once over in a trueing stand after you log a few miles on them’
      • ‘How often you have to give your peas a once-over depends on the weather, with warmer weather hastening ripening and thus calling for more frequent picking.’
      • ‘Beth gave his bare skin a once-over with a washcloth, but scrubbed more vigorously at his face.’
      clean, wipe, sponge, mop, swab, flush, scrub, hose-down, swill, lather, soap
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/ˈwəns ˌoʊvər//ˈwəns ˌōvər/