Definition of on welfare in US English:

on welfare


  • Receiving government financial assistance for basic material needs.

    • ‘Which author has sold millions of books but was actually on welfare for about a year while writing her first one?’
    • ‘I'm going places, while they'll stay on welfare and junk like that their whole lives.’
    • ‘It's easy to criticize people on welfare when you haven't been in their shoes.’
    • ‘One was on welfare living off the dole, but I think that two of them had jobs, wives, and small children.’
    • ‘Elisa cut off financial support, prompting Emily and her children to go on welfare.’
    • ‘When I was growing up my family was on welfare, so I have a strong sense of welfare-class consciousness.’
    • ‘In April, single parents on welfare were hit with a $51 cut to their support allowance.’
    • ‘Before then, I lived with my mother, who was single and on welfare at the time.’
    • ‘Relatively low levels of the community are therefore on welfare and public assistance.’
    • ‘The dumb broads in the corner reading bridal magazines are now bingo hall cashiers who envy their girlfriends on welfare.’
    • ‘Born into an Italian family living in a South Bronx ghetto, Zimbardo grew up poor and on welfare.’
    • ‘The social worker at the hospital put me on welfare and got together an application for disability.’
    • ‘We were on welfare and so she was gone a lot and I kind of feel like I raised Ashley.’
    • ‘Angela has been on welfare most of her adult life, and she has never been able to make ends meet.’
    • ‘People on welfare do not save money, they spend everything they get.’
    • ‘However, the financial cost to leaders of support groups is often substantial, given that many are on welfare.’
    • ‘Yet these kids came from poor homes, often broken homes, and many were on welfare.’