Definition of on trial in US English:

on trial


  • Being tried in a court of law.

    • ‘The set-up of the court is different from that for adults so the youth on trial feels more a part of the process.’
    • ‘At most, he may wind up on trial in a real court rather than merely in the press.’
    • ‘The court acquitted six of the defendants, while the soldiers on trial were all cashiered.’
    • ‘Though the press spinners are not on trial in Court 73, there are plenty who think they should be.’
    • ‘The six celebrity housemates have been on trial in the court of public popularity all week.’
    • ‘The suspect's case is being reviewed by a family court judge who will decide whether to put her on trial.’
    • ‘Three men are on trial at Swindon Crown Court charged with affray involving a baseball bat and a brick.’
    • ‘You know, I've not been held up on trial in a court of law as a criminal, so no, I don't think I'm a criminal.’
    • ‘Last week they also briefly occupied the court where Kulayev is on trial.’