Definition of on top in US English:

on top


  • 1On the highest point or uppermost surface.

    ‘a hill with a flat rock on top’
    • ‘Sprinkle the chopped rosemary over the surface of the caramel, then slice the bananas on top.’
    • ‘I sighed and lay flat on my stomach on top or my bed.’
    • ‘In the middle there was a tall and slender rock with something black on top.’
    • ‘The bank is splendid, open, flat on top and with ace views from each slope.’
    • ‘At one stage the girls jumped back into the water and actually dragged the boat for 50 yards to rocks with me on top.’
    • ‘The small hall will have a flat roof with plants on top to add colour and vitality to the view of the building from the road.’
    • ‘The hill is fairly flat on top; in fact a Lancaster bomber once famously landed here during the Second World War.’
    • ‘There are fewer and fewer trees up here, none on top, nothing but rock, and that makes it more attractive to lightning.’
    • ‘Cover the pastry discs with baking parchment and place another flat heavy baking sheet on top.’
    • ‘Towards the back was a mahogany desk with a flat panel computer on top.’
    1. 1.1 On the upper part of the head.
      ‘my hair's thinning on top’
      • ‘The man has short dark hair which is thinning on top and wore a dark jacket which is possibly imitation leather.’
      • ‘Shane was a serious sort of young man with close-set eyes and a curly pageboy cut that was already thinning on top.’
      • ‘He was a tall man, with light brown hair that was thinning on top.’
      • ‘He has dark hair which is short on top but with long sideburns.’
      • ‘Female-pattern baldness usually becomes noticeable after the menopause; the hair on top tends to thin first.’
      • ‘He is 6ft 2in tall, of average build and has dark blond to ginger-coloured hair, worn long on top and brushed back.’
      • ‘Men who may be thinning on top should definitely wear a hat; after all not many of us (men or women) suncream our heads.’
      • ‘He was unshaven and had short brown hair, gelled on top, brown eyes and wore a black jacket.’
      • ‘What's more, it's not just presidents, but presidential candidates who seem to retain a bit of thatch on top.’
      • ‘She had short, mid-brown hair, spiky on top, and was wearing a smart black skirt suit and carrying a black soft zip-top briefcase.’
  • 2In a leading or the dominant position.

    ‘his party came out on top in last month's elections’
    • ‘The next 20 minutes saw Athy begin to dominate the scrums but Ross were well on top in the line-out.’
    • ‘He can't decide where he stands on the war because he's not really sure which position will put him on top.’
    • ‘The results have made little impact on the top of the table with Peter Flynn still on top with 55 pts closely followed by Paul Walsh on 51.’
    • ‘It was another low scoring game with defences on both sides dominating but it was Longford who got on top in the second quarter.’
    • ‘The Barrowsiders began to get on top with Willie Power and Keith Hession dominating midfield.’
    • ‘But even if that had happened, the polls suggest that it is unlikely that the anti-war position would have come out on top.’
    • ‘White men still come out on top, with London dominating the awards.’
    • ‘However, as one would expect from a team with ambitions of promotion, Athy were on top in all aspects of play and dominated Stillorgan throughout.’
    • ‘This was the wake-up call for the Castledermot side and they began to dominate with Brendan Kelly and Brian Byrne coming out on top in mid-field.’
    • ‘It is the time to make concessions when you are on top, and we are on top.’