Definition of on tippy-toe (or tippy-toes) in US English:

on tippy-toe (or tippy-toes)


  • On the tips of one's toes; on tiptoe.

    ‘Kurt was mincing around on tippy-toes’
    • ‘You want to portray a tragedy with pretty girls on tippy-toes?’
    • ‘If I stand on tippy-toes, it is just possible to inspect the rubber seal along the top of the door.’
    • ‘Most of the time, Marino is a perfect gentleman, but he can put his head and tail into the air with no warning and walk around on tippy-toe, a la his diminutive Arabian ancestors.’
    • ‘‘I was amazed and delighted and started walking around flat-footed instead of on tippy-toes.’’
    • ‘I grab his collar to pull myself close to him and even on tippy-toes, my mouth doesn't reach his ear.’
    • ‘I step away and plié, then go up on tippy-toe as well as I can in these shoes and turn gracefully, extending my arms over my head.’
    • ‘Obviously a female in her shape and form, she was standing on one of the chairs on tippy-toe, leaning over the tabletop, a rag in her left paw.’