Definition of on the whole in US English:

on the whole


  • Taking everything into account; in general.

    • ‘The way things go in the first hour or so of the day is usually indicative of what the day will be like on the whole.’
    • ‘Perhaps part of my indifference is that on the whole, the cast was full of unconvincing actors.’
    • ‘Copper examples are on the whole more common than brass, though values are very similar.’
    • ‘On the whole it does not seem that New Zealanders are coping so well with the challenges of globalisation.’
    • ‘On the whole I tend to disapprove of politicians, especially those in opposition, having policies.’
    • ‘The view of Hobbes put forward in these histories was, on the whole, a balanced and careful one.’
    • ‘Yet on the whole, it manages to blend seamlessly with the green and tranquil banks of the river.’
    • ‘On the whole the figures portrayed in this exhibition have a paradoxical ability to make the impossible believable.’
    • ‘That's why I think former players are actually the best agents to deal with, on the whole.’
    • ‘It is much easier to follow, on the whole, if you have a guide to help you.’
    overall, all in all, all things considered, altogether, taking everything into account, taking everything into consideration, on balance, on average, for the most part, mostly, mainly, in the main, chiefly, principally, predominantly, largely, in general, generally, generally speaking, as a rule, as a general rule, in the general run of things, by and large, to a large extent, to a great degree, basically, substantially, effectively, virtually, to all intents and purposes
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