Definition of on the wane in US English:

on the wane


  • Becoming weaker, less vigorous, or less extensive.

    ‘the epidemic was on the wane’
    • ‘On one particular bridge you'll find a couple small signs that serve as a public service announcement to those on the wane.’
    • ‘Predictably, there are now encouraging signs that the epidemic is on the wane as sales slowly begin to pick up again.’
    • ‘The age-old convention of the church wedding is on the wane.’
    • ‘With Colin Montgomerie's star seemingly on the wane, the European assault on the majors will again be headed by Lee Westwood and Darren Clarke.’
    • ‘Wait until after dinner, when rush hour has ended and ozone is on the wane.’
    • ‘The boss of the district's own low cost airline today scorned suggestions the sector was on the wane after rival Ryanair announced a profit slump.’
    • ‘Today this is on the wane but it still remains; it still flexes its muscles to India while it seems to ignore the begging-bowl in its other hand.’
    • ‘Doctors say the mysterious outbreak is apparently on the wane and apparently confined to Seven Oaks Home for the Aged.’
    • ‘These days the beard seems to be on the wane in the West, except of course among increasing numbers of fundamentalist young Muslims, mullahs and rabbis.’
    • ‘Although exploration in the North Sea is on the wane, Wood does not believe Aberdeen will decline as an oil centre.’
    declining, on the decline, decreasing, diminishing, dwindling, shrinking, contracting, tapering off, tailing off, subsiding, slackening, drooping, sinking, ebbing, dimming, fading away, growing faint, lessening, dissolving, petering out, winding down, falling off, attenuating, on the way out, abating, failing, receding, slumping, in a slump, in remission, flagging, atrophying, weakening, giving way, melting away, deteriorating, in a state of deterioration, crumbling, withering, disintegrating, degenerating, evaporating, collapsing, drawing to a close, vanishing, dying out, obsolescent, moribund
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