Definition of on the nod in US English:

on the nod


  • 1British By general agreement and without discussion.

    ‘parliamentary approval of the treaty went through on the nod’
    • ‘Why it felt this was necessary is something that no one can adequately explain, especially since very similar reports were passed through on the nod.’
    • ‘The item was not actually discussed but instead went through on the nod.’
    • ‘'You never hear about the ones that go through on the nod,' he says.’
    • ‘Fortunately, this application is unlikely to pass on the nod.’
    • ‘My divorce went through on the nod, but I didn't fight it, believing it to be the only option for both of us.’
    • ‘However, decisions are made and go through on the nod before the inconvenience of having to notify the public.’
    • ‘More than anything else, it's important there is resistance rather than cuts just going through on the nod.’
    • ‘Turning for home Vintage Storm was joined by All the Swallows and it was nip and tuck all the way to the finish with Vintage Storm winning on the nod by a head in 29.84.’
    • ‘The overspill office block built for Westminster cost more, and that went through on the nod, with none of the controversy and bad publicity attached.’
    • ‘Why can't they just put it through on the nod for Heaven's Sake?’
  • 2dated On credit.

  • 3Alternating between wakefulness and sleepiness on account of heroin use.