Definition of on the (or one's) way in US English:

on the (or one's) way


  • In the course of a journey.

    ‘I'll tell you on the way home’
    • ‘It was full of French students and Portugese holidaymakers on their way back from Ipswich of all places.’
    • ‘We packed swiftly and were on our way within half an hour totally oblivious to the incredible journey that still lay ahead.’
    • ‘Little children with chubby cheeks pass us on their way to school.’
    • ‘Therefore the very next evening I was on my way to attend a rehearsal, and of course to meet the cast.’
    • ‘One could not help noticing that more than half the vehicles were passing through the town on their way to the coast.’
    • ‘Many of his followers were already on their way and they didn't have mobile phones.’
    • ‘Were they, perhaps, pink flamingos, lost on their way back to the Mediterranean?’
    • ‘The cathedral bells were being rung as I walked through the cathedral close on my way to work this morning.’
    • ‘People walk the same streets on their way to work or wherever, and the world gets familiar.’
    • ‘They were obviously on their way into town for the day from somewhere far away.’