Definition of on the (auction) block in US English:

on the (auction) block


  • For sale at auction.

    ‘the original first manuscript for Ravel's Bolero goes on the block today’
    figurative ‘the company put its subsidiary on the block because it did not fit its core business interests’
    • ‘Some owners have a habit of running in with their unpaid taxes paid up minutes before their property goes on the block.’
    • ‘The services of the celebrity painter commanded two winning bids of $25,000 to top a series of unique experiences offered on the auction block.’
    • ‘At the same time, some of his designs are on the block at an auction in Chicago.’
    • ‘Competitors try to drive down the price of policies on the auction block with whispers of whiskey-soaked college days and unconfirmed reports of compromising photos.’
    • ‘And it likely would go on the auction block again.’
    • ‘It would put the presidency right back on the auction block.’
    • ‘According to the local paper, the company headquarters - built in 2003 for $12 million - is up on the auction block.’
    • ‘The studio is placing props from the film on the block at their online auction house.’