Definition of on the — side in US English:

on the — side


  • Tending toward being —; rather — (used to qualify an adjective)

    ‘these shoes are a bit on the tight side’
    • ‘If there was a downside, you could argue that the bill was a little on the hefty side.’
    • ‘The slices of duck were too small and a little on the tough side, and the pear chutney was bland.’
    • ‘The meat was tender, but just a little too much on the fatty side to enjoy as a cold dish.’
    • ‘Only a handful of cod were caught and those landed were a little on the small side.’
    • ‘In fact the whole place was a bit on the quiet side, but maybe I arrived a bit early in the day.’
    • ‘There was a tiny amount of a temperature, and his usually cold and damp nose was a tad on the dry side.’
    • ‘It was just a touch on the rude side but it made me laugh until my toes curled.’
    • ‘I got only a few steps along the lane for my walk today before realizing it was a bit on the cold side for me.’
    • ‘All three are on the light side, but they make the most of their resources and more.’
    • ‘Now they just give him three months every three months, just to be on the safe side.’