Definition of on tape in US English:

on tape


  • Recorded on magnetic tape.

    • ‘Funnier still it's all on tape as we were recording the rehearsal.’
    • ‘For example, a patient may be asked to record their worst fears on tape and listen to them repeatedly until their effect is lessened.’
    • ‘Finally, after a week of storytelling, going back and forth, we were ready to set it all on tape.’
    • ‘In hiding in Argentina in the mid 1950s, Eichmann recorded on tape his recollections of these final days.’
    • ‘Historians and anthropologists have recorded many of these men's stories on tape.’
    • ‘We later find out that nothing but our own voices are recorded on tape.’
    • ‘The author tells us that she recorded these tales on tape in the evenings after the day's labour when people would gather to chat.’
    • ‘There was no conscious decision to make the record sound old, though I did record it on tape at a studio that has a lot of old gear.’
    • ‘What's more, you can rewind and fast-forward as if they had all be recorded on tape.’
    • ‘The riskiest anthology I ever made was a selection of poems about death that I recorded on tape for a kinswoman who was dying.’