Definition of on tap in US English:

on tap


  • 1Ready to be poured from a tap.

    • ‘They have beer on tap too and a vast selection of vodkas.’
    • ‘There are Japanese beers available made from rice at the liquor store if you need that brew taste, but it's unlikely that your run-of-the-mill bar has Japanese imports on tap.’
    • ‘The bar has some great beers on tap but get the staff to mix you one of their fruity daiquiris and you will be back for more.’
    • ‘For those who'd rather drink their dessert, there are 48 beers on tap and bottles sold by the bucket.’
    • ‘While each restaurant carries the 110 beer minimum (30 on tap, 80 or more in bottles), no two menus are alike.’
    • ‘At 5 p.m., beginning this week, the bar menu starts, served upstairs in a cozy nook outfitted with a small bar, a handful of seats, a chalkboard menu, and beer on tap.’
    • ‘This head is always present when poured the correct way either on tap or using a can containing a ‘widget’.’
    • ‘Australian technology and expertise will play a key role in a multi-billion dollar scheme to provide Manila's population of 11 million with drinking water on tap.’
    • ‘Initially the emphasis was on getting water on tap to rural households, now Group Water Schemes must ensure that they provide their members with a wholesome and safe drinking water.’
    • ‘We didn't come across a single bar that didn't have at least ten different brews on tap.’
    on draught, cask-conditioned, real-ale, from barrels, not bottled, not canned
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    1. 1.1informal Freely available whenever needed.
      • ‘In the past the producer was simply required to make a batch of programmes in an integrated factory, within which a large range of back-up services were available on tap.’
      • ‘Whenever I feel everything's getting on top of me, I just pop in there and every kind of support and counselling is on tap.’
      • ‘This juxtaposition seems topsy-turvy: education should be on tap and drugs should be difficult to obtain.’
      • ‘If that means offering these men positions at the Army War College or some other institution to keep their knowledge on tap, then I think we ought to do those things.’
      • ‘It is lucky to have, in addition, thermal power on tap, thanks to its unique geological structure, which produces both volcanoes and glaciers and some of the most dramatic scenery anywhere in the world.’
      • ‘There is plenty of power on tap under the bonnet, the i-CTDi unit capable of turning on some real sporty driving, while bags of torque delivers instant acceleration, something not always available when needed from some diesel engines.’
      • ‘The catering wagon has been amazing because we get food on tap all the time.’
      • ‘With plenty of World Bank money on tap, the government borrowed and spent like a drunken sailor, artificially raising living standards and burying Hungary in debt.’
      • ‘He can afford a private hospital room with edible meals and the best specialists on tap charging him huge fees - but there is little doubt that he would prefer to be in rude health and spending his money otherwise.’
      • ‘On this sort of trip, you can expect all the trimmings: a four-seater aircraft with a cruising speed of 450 mph, reclining leather seats, champagne and caviar on tap and a shiny black car to whisk you to your destination.’
      on hand, to hand, at hand, available, ready, handy, accessible, obtainable, in reserve, standing by
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    2. 1.2North American informal On schedule to occur.
      • ‘Now checking in with the world of entertainment, what's on tap, Brooke?’
      • ‘A major march is on tap for August 6 in Atlanta to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act and to mobilize support for extension of some of the Act's provisions.’
      • ‘Numerous other parties are on tap, many catering to the Hollywood set.’
      • ‘Lots of future campaign speculation, loads of laughs, food and music were on tap for the gathering of women movers and shakers.’
      • ‘Also on tap are the launch of a public diplomacy initiative to improve the U.S. image in the Muslim world and a possible trip to the Middle East.’
      • ‘It's not 1989 in the Middle East, and a series of velvet revolutions aren't on tap for the immediate future.’
      • ‘Our top story today of top stories, coronary bypass surgery on tap for Bill Clinton.’
      • ‘He already has at least three fund-raisers on tap in the new year.’
      • ‘Regardless of how he fares on Friday, he has another fight on tap for the fall, though he's a bit less pumped up about that one.’
      • ‘But the real drama is on tap for tomorrow, when the mother of his accuser is due to take the stand.’