Definition of on someone's mind in US English:

on someone's mind


  • Preoccupying someone, especially in a disquieting way.

    ‘new parents have many worries on their minds’
    • ‘It is on his mind, it is also on my mind, and I am reviewing the findings about the restructuring of our steel industry.’
    • ‘Well, now, if that's what you got on your mind, well, you're going about it all wrong.’
    • ‘And as is inevitable my mind drifts to the topic that has been on my mind for the past two months or so.’
    • ‘This worry has been on my mind all the time, it's a shame I did not say no right at the start.’
    • ‘She still looked worried though, like she had troubled thoughts on her mind that she wasn't sure she could talk about.’
    • ‘Maybe you are tired, got troubles on your mind, dry patches on your face, a little pain in your heart.’
    • ‘You don't buy that sort of thing if you haven't got something… ahem… on your mind.’
    • ‘Tell me everything that's on your mind, everything you're afraid of, and everything you want to do about it.'’
    • ‘And I was asking the soldiers, you know, what was on your mind - what was on their mind.’
    • ‘Mind that you know what's on your mind, even if you never speak the truth of it to anyone.’