Definition of on one's own initiative in English:

on one's own initiative


  • Without being prompted by others.

    • ‘Elsewhere, many individual hospitals have acted on their own initiative or in association with groups such as the international network towards smoke free hospitals or the European network for smoke free hospitals.’
    • ‘Simple orders can be given to individual squad members, but they act on their own initiative at times and will lay down covering fire or assault the enemy without being told.’
    • ‘He stressed they had acted on their own initiative; the case was thereby closed and the judge strictly forbade any ‘unauthorised disclosures’.’
    • ‘People will act on their own initiative and take what they believe to be appropriate actions.’
    • ‘Managers need to be in the position where they can rely on their team to act on their own initiative, providing them with the authority to do so.’
    • ‘Marsh dwellers, acting on their own initiative, have begun breaking down the dams and embankments that were holding back the waters.’
    • ‘Acting on their own initiative, farm households strive to stabilize their incomes largely through diversification of their income-producing portfolio.’
    • ‘This process gives all parties involved the right to act on their own initiative while still allowing them to function as part of the team.’
    • ‘He sees the world exclusively from the point of view and in the light of the ideology and is therefore able in each situation to act on his own initiative in whatever way is required by the consequences of the system.’
    • ‘As German forces approached Rome, soldiers acting largely on their own initiative, joined by members of left wing parties, tried unsuccessfully to defend the city.’
    alone, all alone, on one's own, in a solitary state, separately, singly, solitarily, unaccompanied, solo
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