Definition of on one's feet in US English:

on one's feet


  • 1Standing.

    ‘she's in the shop on her feet all day’
    • ‘So you spend a lot of time on your feet, walking around?’
    • ‘Marie was now standing on her feet, staring at the approaching aircraft.’
    • ‘You get up on your feet and walk to the table to eat.’
    • ‘I also believe bringing back standing sections would solve the problem of people getting on their feet in all-seater areas.’
    • ‘To be fair, I don't think he was looking for a penalty - he just wasn't coordinated enough to stay on his feet.’
    • ‘Nearby there is a standing desk, which allows him to stay on his feet as he works.’
    • ‘Instead, he swaggered awkwardly on his feet and walked about as if in a drunken state.’
    • ‘In fact, they themselves walked unsteadily on their feet probably as a result of beer effect.’
    • ‘You spend all day on your feet shopping with a friend.’
    • ‘I am not having him standing and shouting while I am on my feet.’
    • ‘As soon as I got the chance I was on my feet and walking again.’
    • ‘The lunch break that Ser'na allowed was short, so they were soon back on their feet and walking again.’
    • ‘The thought of uniting was inevitable and my only chance of standing on my feet until I managed.’
    1. 1.1 Well enough after an illness or injury to walk around.
      ‘we'll have you back on your feet in no time’
      • ‘This lady who the doctors said could never be on her feet again was actually walking!’
      • ‘The doctors want her up on her feet in a few hours and walking around by tonight.’
      • ‘Before the end of that week, I was able to stand on my feet and walk again!’
      • ‘I didn't think that you would be well enough to be on your feet.’
      • ‘Brendan is recovering from a recent arm injury and hopefully he will be back on his feet soon.’
      • ‘But hopefully Bosley will be back on his feet and walking again in two months.’
      • ‘It is nice to be back on my feet again and walking around at last.’
      • ‘On Tuesday, Maradona was on his feet for the first time, walking around his hospital room.’
      • ‘We've been held up for some time thanks to an injury to Josemi, but he seems to be on his feet again now.’