Definition of on a string in US English:

on a string


  • Under one's control or influence.

    ‘I've got the world on a string’
    • ‘Yet it becomes obvious that she has his heart on a string.’
    • ‘They had Wilson on a string and brought Callaghan to book.’
    • ‘But if he prevented us from doing wrong then we'd be puppets on a string.’
    • ‘I want to be that girl from a few months ago who had the world on a string.’
    • ‘He has got a better nerve than the rest and was just totally in control of his ball - he virtually had it on a string.’
    • ‘Anyone can see that Nicholas is a puppet on a string.’
    • ‘Tom Scollay, who has had the ball on a string in recent times, fell, trapped in the gully by Adam Stockwell and bowled by Thomson.’
    • ‘Looking almost as young and lean as he did a decade ago, DiCaprio is astonishingly convincing as a gangly teenager who has the world on a string.’
    • ‘Leonardo DiCaprio looks amazingly like Hughes and uses his body language to signal Hughes' distress and unease even when he seemed to have the world on a string.’
    • ‘As long as he can maintain that success rate and part suckers from their money, he has the world on a string.’