Definition of on a par with in US English:

on a par with


  • Equal in importance or quality to; on an equal level with.

    ‘this home cooking is on a par with the best in the world’
    • ‘We have a road network on a par with the worst of any of the poorest third world economies.’
    • ‘Oats proved to be one of the better crops this year, coming in on a par with last year's yield.’
    • ‘It is a deeply affecting couple of hours, on a par with Schindler's List for emotional impact.’
    • ‘The games industry in the UK is already bigger than the cinema business, and on a par with video.’
    • ‘Some excellent facilities are in place at the gym which are on a par with the very best in the county.’
    as good as, comparable with, in the same class as, in the same league as, equivalent to, much the same as, equal to, a match for, on a level with, on an equal footing with, of the same standard as
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