Definition of on — terms in US English:

on — terms


  • In a specified relation or on a specified footing.

    ‘we are all on friendly terms’
    • ‘The two leaders now are all smiles and on first name terms.’
    • ‘Since we are now apparently on civil terms again, I am working hard at feeling pleased for him about that.’
    • ‘She was a top class neighbour and friend who was on good terms with everyone.’
    • ‘Journalists who mingle on equal terms with the famous or powerful inevitably lose touch with the public.’
    • ‘He argues that private prisons should be judged not purely on cost terms but also on what they are achieving compared with other options.’
    • ‘The court heard the pair had been drinking in various pubs during the evening and had been on amicable terms.’
    • ‘I expect a good welcome back because I was always on friendly terms with the fans.’
    • ‘Those who had left, left on friendly terms and most were still in contact with him.’
    • ‘When we met on Wednesday we were regularly interrupted by elderly matrons who knew our man on first name terms and inquired kindly about his game.’
    • ‘Yet while the press has recorded these details, he bears no grudges and keeps on affable terms with reporters.’
    • ‘We didn't split on bad terms, and she's made it quite clear that she's concerned for my well being in the future.’
    in a … relationship, in a … relationship with, having … relations, having … relations with, on a … footing, on a … footing with
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