Definition of on-chip in US English:



  • Denoting or relating to circuitry included in a single integrated circuit or in the same integrated circuit as a given device.

    • ‘Cmos technology has been a major driver of this development by enhancing functionality through on-chip integration while minimizing imager size, power consumption, and weight.’
    • ‘Because test circuitry is embedded on-chip, he says that it will be possible to perform tests on the same circuits at board level to see whether they perform as expected under ‘dirty’ conditions.’
    • ‘Renesas Technology plans to expand the line-up of ‘QzROM microcontrollers’ incorporating on-chip QzROM.’
    • ‘The new LPC910x products offer many on-chip functions typically found in devices more than twice their size.’
    • ‘In common with other FPGA suppliers, Actel's focus for devices would be to put more communications interfaces on-chip but focus on them as bridging devices.’
    • ‘The interference pattern produced by mixing the specific and reference light waves is generated on-chip using the integrated optic total internal reflection mirrors and beam combiners.’
    • ‘Another challenge on the way to practical MC sensors is on-chip integration of MC transducers, read-out components, and analyte delivery systems.’
    • ‘An on-chip debug controller is included to enable customers to speed time-to-market by accelerating software development and system integration.’
    • ‘Cmos sensors hold promise because they are more economical and less power-hungry than CCD detectors while affording designers the ability to add on-chip processing.’
    • ‘Additionally, by integrating the power detector on-chip, we enable our customers to realize significant savings in BOM costs.’
    • ‘Cmos detectors have considerably more difficulty achieving low-noise performance because analog process circuitry is on-chip.’
    • ‘Not everything gets integrated on-chip, however.’
    • ‘IBM has joined Intel's Extreme Ultra Violet consortium to help develop next-generation lithography techniques capable of creating on-chip circuitry less than 0.1 micron in size.’
    • ‘Cmos sensors are ideal for automotive applications due to their low cost, low power consumption, and their compatibility with integrating multiple functions on-chip.’
    • ‘A preferred exemplary embodiment of the current invention concerns a memory testing process, wherein circuitry is provided on a chip to allow on-chip comparison of stored data and expected data.’
    • ‘The new Marvell 88W8385 is the world's first device to successfully embed a CPU and sufficient on-chip memory into a single chip for complete host off-load processing.’
    • ‘The iMEMS process allows on-chip integration of electronics and micromirrors that tilt 5° full-scale in any direction.’
    • ‘Using the u-Nav chipset, we have implemented an MS-Assisted solution in which the firmware is serially booted into the on-chip static random access memory from the cell baseband chip.’
    • ‘The B4 transceiver incorporates on-chip low noise amplifiers for GSM900 and the DCS1800 / PCS1900 bands.’
    • ‘Today's exploding market for multi-function consumer products requires more on-chip firmware as well as transistors, complicating and extending the design process.’