Definition of omnivorousness in US English:



  • See omnivorous

    • ‘Might that be no more than a coded way of drawing attention to an ability to accept compromise, an omnivorousness, and a variety of output that makes his oeuvre - in the language of the motor industry - somehow unintegrated?’
    • ‘I was also unnerved by her spiritual omnivorousness.’
    • ‘This perceived omnivorousness aggravates specialists such as Williams who have painstakingly developed unique disciplines only to see them apparently subsumed under ‘permaculture.’’
    • ‘On enumerating some of them, commenters said that these questions were ‘absurd’ and (I think) they thought that I was arguing absurdities, or that I was trying to use them to justify omnivorousness.’
    • ‘Regulars will know of this column's admiration for the uncritical omnivorousness of the Dutch site.’
    • ‘I am not so sure of their total digestion, but I do recognize their omnivorousness, their heaping the plate with every piping-hot vice and outrage they could muster.’