Definition of omnisciently in US English:



  • See omniscient

    • ‘A white aerostat blimp looms omnisciently above, launched below from Ft. Huachuca, the country's largest military intelligence complex.’
    • ‘She put her hand on the table staring omnisciently at the model.’
    • ‘This is the flaw in treating the play as a theatrical fantasy conjured up by Prospero: if he is omnisciently running the show, nothing can ever go wrong.’
    • ‘That is, the author disappears as the story teller, and the history reads omnisciently.’
    • ‘You are expected as a doctor to be calm, absolutely competent at all time - omnisciently so - you have absolutely no margin of error.’
    • ‘What they do contain is fact, interpretation, and commentary, delivered omnisciently.’
    • ‘Here the singer expresses a rather queasy fantasy - that of being able to control, or at least omnisciently observe, his lover's errant sexual behavior.’
    • ‘There is no personal god omnisciently watching over your every move and waiting at the end of the road to judge you.’
    • ‘He notices as though he has been watching over omnisciently.’
    • ‘Barker never writes omnisciently; even in the third person, the narration is always told from one character or another's point of view.’