Definition of ominousness in US English:



  • See ominous

    • ‘The seamless combination of dialogue, color palette, music and editing created a feeling of ominousness throughout the film keeping my stomach churning.’
    • ‘Through his use of uses darkness a sense of ominousness is heightened and audience complacency is refused.’
    • ‘And the very fact that it is somewhat vague adds to its ominousness.’
    • ‘From the opening sequence, there's an uneasy sense of hovering and watching and waiting, a queasy ominousness that lasts throughout.’
    • ‘His is droning electronic pulses, tones, twitters - an ever-escalating loop of frozen machine-age ominousness.’
    • ‘But the ominousness is all in Emerson's overheated rhetoric.’
    • ‘The film stays remarkably faithful to the authors vision, perfectly summoning up the brooding ominousness of small-town life in 18th-century France.’
    • ‘He's there to deliver the dark news, the mournful tone, while in the background John Williams's haunting guitar solos inflect a general mood of ominousness.’
    • ‘The meanings shuffle across many levels, some streaking away beyond vision, leaving tantalising traces of ominousness.’
    • ‘The description may make the work sound as if it is overloaded with imagery, but Spell is in fact surprisingly subtle, evoking an air of futility and ominousness.’
    • ‘Yet in addition to its austere poetry, the painting exerts an ominousness.’
    • ‘Not only does the music played by the theremin signal the ominousness of the Martian environment, for all intents and purposes, the sound of the theremin is the sound of the Martian atmosphere.’
    • ‘To the Macedonians, the future is always portentous, ringing with the ominousness of the past.’
    • ‘But not good is distinctly not good; the ominousness rumbles through it.’
    • ‘There is an ominousness on the horizon, though.’
    • ‘The one large and seven small photos, framed with metal and wrapped or embedded with copper wire, communicated a feeling of ominousness.’
    • ‘And because we're so familiar with Venice I just sort of love the ominousness that he creates with that film with the gargoyles and the boats going down the canals that are funeral boats.’
    • ‘It encased him from foot to chin, and a long black cloak only increased his ominousness.’
    • ‘Asleep in a dream world, where the grass is still green and there is a horizon of dreams to visit the cloth covering her, though, takes on ominousness of a shroud.’
    • ‘Chinese Symbol for (of a gathered crowd) drink water from a winding canal with one wine cup floating on it so as to wash away ominousness.’