Definition of Olympic-sized in US English:


(also Olympic-size)


  • (of a swimming pool or other sports venue) of the dimensions prescribed for modern Olympic competitions.

    • ‘If the NHL, with all its world-class players, played on Olympic-sized ice, the game would instantly speed up and therefore have more appeal.’
    • ‘It also has an Olympic-size swimming pool and indoor gyms with wrestling and judo mats, fencing strips and a boxing ring.’
    • ‘Consider, for example, the number of homes that come with an Olympic-sized swimming pool, clubhouse, tennis courts, basketball court and on-site gym.’
    • ‘The recently opened Colorado Springs World Arena and Ice Hall, with an Olympic-size ice rink, is where some of America's top figure skaters now train.’
    • ‘Bally's has its own casino, air-conditioned rooms and an Olympic-size outdoor swimming pool.’
    • ‘Inside there are four Olympic-sized ice rinks, two double gymnasiums, an indoor field house, a theatre stage, banquet facilities and numerous meeting rooms.’
    • ‘Or twirl around the Olympic-sized outdoor ice-skating rink or head for the spectacular ski village.’
    • ‘Inside the arena itself, an Olympic-sized ice rink will be built.’
    • ‘All new arenas should be mandated to build an Olympic-sized ice surface, which is 15 feet wider, and would allow more room for the offensive, skilled players to maneuver without getting raped on every shift.’
    • ‘The plans do not just involve a new football stadium there will also be an extensive sports village featuring an Olympic-sized swimming pool, rugby pitch and athletics track, as well as a four-star hotel and restaurants.’
    • ‘Having developed their games on the wider, Olympic-size ice surface, European goalies, who attack the puck in the crease, don't stray far away from the goal for fear they will be caught out of the net and yield an easy score.’
    • ‘The arena will include an Olympic-sized ice rink that can be transformed into an 8,000-capacity area for concerts.’
    • ‘The amount of ammunition issued was equivalent in weight to two fully loaded and crewed Los Angeles-class submarines, and the amount of fuel issued would fill 896 Olympic-size swimming pools.’
    • ‘The hotel will boast a huge sports centre and Olympic-size swimming pool and is expected to attract mainly business tourists because of its favourable location close to the airport.’
    • ‘The venue, which has been supported by nearly £13m of Lottery funding from Sport England and will feature two Olympic-size ice rinks, is still six months away from completion.’
    • ‘Investors were enticed by planned features including an 18-hole golf course, Olympic-size swimming pool, restaurants, bars, boutiques, casino and theatre.’
    • ‘There is an excellent aquatic centre with an Olympic-size swimming pool and an area for using rubber blow-ups and boats.’
    • ‘It has 18 outdoor sports fields, four Olympic-sized hockey rinks and an 18-hole golf course.’
    • ‘The 6,650,000 bottles of water that will be used to hydrate the athletes could fill up an entire Olympic-sized swimming pool.’
    • ‘There were four separate bars set up around the Olympic-sized swimming pool with three bartenders at each one.’