Definition of ologist in US English:



humorous, informal
  • See ology

    • ‘This enlightened point of view has meanwhile been abandoned, and under the influence of the ologists, the child is defined as totally devoid of sexual desires, at least where adults are concerned.’
    • ‘Well, those are the sort of things you need: you need more ologists and of course always financial support.’
    • ‘Not being a botanical person, not being in fact an ‘ologist’ of any kind, I'd never given much thought to how botanical collections came into being.’
    • ‘Maybe these ‘ologists are speaking out of the back of their stethoscopes.’
    • ‘Of course cases like this would be nothing without the ‘ologists ‘or expert witnesses.’’
    • ‘Anyway an ologist would only tell him that his power tool was functioning admirably.’
    • ‘When I moved from this ivory tower to Fleet Street I was somewhat taken aback at the ‘any ologist will do’ attitude when obtaining quotes for a story - although I soon became aware of the time constraints that made this necessary.’
    • ‘The various ‘ologists’ are still fighting about which came first, the conscious music making or the aural invitation ‘I say, would you like the next dance?’’
    • ‘The panel consisted of a clairvoyant, an astrologer, a numerologist, and two other people who called themselves some ‘ologists’ - they have weird names.’