Definition of ollie in US English:



  • (in skateboarding and snowboarding) a jump performed without the aid of a takeoff ramp, executed by pushing the back foot down on the tail of the board, bringing the board off the ground.

    • ‘Malmesbury skateboarders will have a site at the Cartmell Centre to catch air and practise their ollies, grinds and varial flips, it was revealed this week.’
    • ‘I recommend starting on flat ground and just grabbing the nose as your ollie peaks out.’
    • ‘Gone are maneuvers such as wallrides and heightened elevation ollie jumps.’
    • ‘I had an epiphany on frontside ollies after 25 years!’
    • ‘They put their boards on the concrete and started to board, Lucy following Jaime as they rolled down the street doing kick flips, shove its and regular ollies.’
    • ‘First tricks were tic-tacs and sketchy 90-degree ollies.’
    • ‘While Sherm dealt the frontside half-Cab flip and switch backside flip, Eric had the thankless task of working with the fakie ollie one-foot tail grab.’
    • ‘In frame 2 he pops an ollie, dragging his front foot up to the nose.’
    • ‘I learned fakie ollies below coping, popping the tail off the wall and floating without hands.’
    • ‘The cool thing about the Hip Ollie is that with the effort of a normal ollie you can really take off.’
    • ‘OK, so you do a 180 ollie to fakie nosegrind, but you keep rotating your back foot and you lay it down on the far side of the rail locking into a switch frontside feeble down the rail.’
    • ‘This allows skaters to continue their string of connectors after coming off a vert ramp, where they can choose to go into an ollie or a manual and rack up more points.’
    • ‘He bailed an ollie and stepped on some kid's board.’
    • ‘I kick-flipped, I did a couple of pop-shove-it's, tail grinded the curb, then finished with an ollie off the top stair.’
    • ‘Next thing you know, Gareth caught the spark and went for the big ollie, kicking it out and severely stomping his heel.’
    • ‘There's no board flipping, board spinning, or ankle-shattering ollies.’
    • ‘As he reaches the 90 degree mark in the pivot, the tail smacks the ground for the ollie.’
    • ‘The flat ground ollie is simply a timing trick, in which you jump into the air and snap the tail of your board on the ground at the same time.’
    • ‘Sean got on the board, and did a perfect ollie, and skated back towards Ashlee.’
    • ‘But even if the MegaRamp does grow to overshadow the rest of the sport, kids won't stop doing ollies in their driveways.’


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  • Perform an ollie.

    ‘they taught me to ollie and stuff’
    • ‘Having made up my mind I nollied and did a 360 off a curb, skated across the road and ollied up over another curb onto the sidewalk that would take me in the direction of the mall.’
    • ‘Adjusting one foot he ollied as high as he could and tried to land on just one set of wheels.’
    • ‘It didn't take me long to start ollieing down sets of stairs and doing 50-50s.’
    • ‘I hopped on my skateboard and ollied up onto the sidewalk and skated towards the fence in front of the skate park.’
    • ‘Caz grinded across the whole wall and ollied into the bank, nailing a photo chump in the process.’
    • ‘George and I went to the park at Kits beach and ollied off the slide until the boards broke.’
    • ‘Tony ollied up to and then rolled into the over vert.’
    • ‘I got to Matt's house on Tower, and in a few minutes we were headed downtown to skate it up at the post office. Matt tried a few bluntslides and I ollied off a ledge.’
    • ‘He talks about grinding and ollieing and stuff.’
    • ‘The ultimate illustration of this - something I failed to take a picture of but vividly remember - was when the guy ollied up onto an uphill ledge and did a nose manual.’
    • ‘John pushed a few times, quickly setup, ollied, landed on the rail, slid, then landed on the ground in some weird position.’
    • ‘A grin formed on my face as I rode my little heart out, ollieing over benches, kick flipping over curbs and grinding along concrete barriers.’
    • ‘We were pushing down one of these skinny paths when Bastien ollied off a curb and right into the path of a scooter with two dudes on it.’
    • ‘You cannot wear out a deck to the extent that you need a new one without once ollieing.’
    • ‘I ollied up onto the sidewalk, picked up my board, and dashed madly into the school.’
    • ‘Was a systematic application of knowledge or skill not used in effecting a desired result when a skater ollied upon the ledge?’
    • ‘And you can do it backside too so that you end up ollieing over into a regular switch feeble.’
    • ‘Geoff ollied the mammoth double set and shortly after pulled a frontside 180-the biggest frontside 180 I had ever seen.’
    • ‘On the walk back to the van Jamie got a second wind and ollied off the roof without much thought.’
    • ‘The business machinations and the marketing eye, the stuff that has no relevance to the feeling skating gave you as a 12-year-old bombing hills and ollieing stairs with your friends.’


1970s: from the name of the US skateboarder Alan ‘Ollie’ Gelfand, who invented the jump in 1976.