Definition of old style in English:

old style


  • 1A style that is no longer current, common, or fashionable.

    ‘the old style of gabled manor’
    • ‘The twentieth century has seen the rise of suburban building styles and Modernism and reactions against both in the form of conservation, community architecture, and a tendency to revive old styles such as neo-Classicism.’
    • ‘Two years later, eBay started auctioning used knick-knacks online and The Brady Bunch Movie once again recycled old styles for the silver screen.’
    • ‘It could do with a bit of sprucing up… too many old styles out there.’
    • ‘New themes are infused within the technique of the old styles and sometimes the ancient themes are presented in a new form and technique.’
    • ‘The smaller communities had less capacity to build elaborate structures, and the local arches continued to draw on old styles whilst exploiting the availability of industrial materials.’
    • ‘They think I am disturbing the market, and also their old styles.’
    • ‘‘A lot of the old styles, like shoes with high heels and pointed toes have come back into fashion,’ she said.’
    • ‘In other words, apparel firms should avoid featuring old styles on their Web sites, or listing trade shows that already have taken place.’
    • ‘There should always be people who are lifting their hands and who are trying to proclaim that it is worth trying to protect old architectural edifices, to combine old styles with modern installations for the future.’
    • ‘He worked in old styles with an aggressive panache that won him enormous celebrity in Japan (a nation of rule-followers that tends to celebrate the most flagrant rule-breakers).’
    • ‘In an age of stagnating 3D game design it's good to see these companies developing the classic old styles that served us so well for so long.’
    • ‘They are now planning to reissue many old styles for spring 2002.’
    • ‘Innovation is the name of the game and so you have jewellery designers coming up with newer designs, albeit based on old styles.’
    • ‘This theatre, like other new theatres of the day, was geared to a new taste for spectacle and opera and was too cavernous for old styles and straight plays.’
    • ‘He focuses especially on the old styles of Shanghai, like the Zhou Xuan's page.’
    • ‘In effort to keep up with vintage starving fashionistas, European designers and activewear manufactures are ‘reissuing ‘their old styles in limited editions.’’
    • ‘To the old styles of Irish step dancing, he has added small variations: arm movements, most notably, but also elements of tap, ballet, and flamenco.’
    • ‘It has adapted old styles, forms and techniques to new times, and allowed them to change while appearing to stay the same.’
    • ‘I know he's trying to break some new ground in the digital world (and he is, to a certain extent) but he'd really be moving into new turf by mixing his new and old styles together.’
    • ‘I did wear some of the old styles I used to wear, however, I did have something else.’
    1. 1.1Printing An early style of type characterized by strokes of relatively equal thickness and the use of serifs, often slanted.
      • ‘Old style fonts have a traditional, warm friendly feel to them.’
      • ‘Poynter Old Style Text is part of the Font Bureau Readability Series, and is not available for purchase via our website.’


  • [attributive] Denoting or according to a style that is no longer current.

    ‘old-style farmers’
    ‘urban centers of old-style manufacturing’
    • ‘Officials say a number of metal village signs featuring old style characteristic glass studding, have also disappeared, representing a significant loss to the Park's heritage.’
    • ‘I didn't even use the old style medium length abbreviations (which you can see on this chart).’
    • ‘That works pretty well and doesn't seem to suffer from the old ‘first thing in the morning cold wires I thought you'd got the hang of this by now’ problem that so seriously affected our old style toaster.’
    • ‘In its rooms and gardens where you can relax and have a cup of tea, old style furniture like Chinese square tables and traditional fauteuil-like chairs, and rickshaws are displayed.’
    • ‘It not only cleaning vehicles which wastes water, old style toilets are also a big consumer of water, according to the Shanghai Labour Daily.’
    • ‘Much as we liked the old Grapes, we like the new Grapes too for different reasons: it's not quite a city bar, but it's not an old style pub - maybe it's the first of a compromise, and if so, it is a welcome one.’
    • ‘Strong views were expressed about the preservation of old style shop fronts and the retention of the old style windows around many buildings in the town.’
    • ‘A lot of people do open hearth cooking, which is a very old style way of cooking.’
    • ‘But it's also a rustic idyll - an extensively renovated old style estate cottage in the middle of a copse of tall tree where rooks caw incessantly in the Spring sunshine.’
    • ‘Thus, for example, the old style pollution from a factory chimney going straight into the atmosphere was an ‘externality’; others had to cope with it and not the factory owner.’
    • ‘I am sure that I am not the only person who would love to see the old style market and hear all the music playing, chattering from children, stall holders yelling their wares and the smell of hot dogs and candyfloss.’
    • ‘Then I came across an old, old style paint shop round the back of Tottenham Court Road near the British Museum with huge jars of pigments on the shelves, cobalt, ochre, crystals and stones to grind into a distemper perhaps.’
    • ‘A witness saw a woman resembling Lucy at a phone box at the junction of Shetland Way and Benbecula Way, Davyhulme, at around 9.30 pm, standing near a man and a red car, possibly an old style Ford Escort.’
    • ‘And further on I was rather amused to drive through Wallan, which just near the only set of traffic lights, between the old style country newsagency and the butchers, is an Internet shop.’
    • ‘Now, whether it was for a bike for old style ladies or an old style bike for females didn't really bother me.’
    • ‘We have already replaced old style walk-up flats with smart new housing and we will now be building quality homes on the site of Sutton House.’
    • ‘We are not calling for old style subsidies but for intelligent intervention.’
    • ‘Production of the old style Volkswagen beetle is ending this summer.’
    • ‘The formation of the commodity boards followed the biggest reform of the NFU in its 95-year history, which included the revamping of the union's old style committee meetings.’
    • ‘A revival of this style of the old style ballroom dancing was re-run at St. Brigid's Hall dating back to 1986 and it raised money for the new Health Centre at Teeling Street.’

Definition of Old Style in English:

Old Style

(also OS)


  • The method of calculating dates using the Julian calendar.

    • ‘The armed insurrection in Petrograd (formerly St Petersburg), the beginning of the ‘Great October Socialist Revolution’, began on 24 October, Old Style, or 6 November.’
    old style, former, past, bygone, historic, heritage, antique, antiquarian, early, classical, traditional, folk, old-world, ancestral, time-honoured, ancient, veteran, vintage, quaint
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