Definition of old man's beard in English:

old man's beard


  • 1A wild clematis that has fluffy gray hairs around the seeds.

    • ‘Ragwort and old man's beard also have to be controlled.’
    • ‘The importance of removing the true nasties - old man's beard, ginger, wandering willy - from the forest floor is easy to understand, at least to anyone who has witnessed the devastation that these plants can do.’
    • ‘Other plants in the ecozone include salal, Oregon grape, arbutus, sword fern, skunk cabbage, salmonberry, devil's club, western bleeding heart, red huckleberry, old man's beard, red elderberry, calypso orchid, and Viola langsdorfii’
  • 2A large lichen that forms shaggy grayish beardlike growths on the branches of trees.

    • ‘The forest canopy is a deep blue-green, tinged with pale-green old man's beard, uniformly towering above the mosses and berry bushes.’