Definition of old flame in English:

old flame


  • A former lover.

    • ‘Maybe this sudden influx of communication from old flames was karma having a field day and rubbing in the painful realities of current singledom.’
    • ‘The theory can't possibly work for everyone - if old flames are that great in the first place, why do we ever move on?’
    • ‘Donna's reaction to seeing her old flames is interesting, to say the least.’
    • ‘You attempt to rekindle old flames but much water has flown under the bridge.’
    • ‘On the way back the two old flames kiss in his van.’
    • ‘The pensioner now has three children and has been married twice, but would love to contact his old flames to see what has happened during their lives.’
    • ‘Let's also take it as given that old flames are harder to keep as friends.’
    • ‘It opens well enough with sad-faced British artist Colin arriving in New England to forget an old flame on an open-ended holiday in a town he picked purely because of its name.’
    • ‘In a move that has surprised absolutely everybody, she's essentially emigrated, gone to live in France with an old flame, some bloke she knew around ten years ago, before I knew her.’
    • ‘As the amorous side of your life goes up and down, you forage in the laundry basket of love, reselecting old flames instead of dusting yourself down and seeking new conquests.’
    sweetheart, boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, love, partner, beloved, beau, darling, escort, suitor
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