Definition of old age in US English:

old age


  • 1The later part of normal life.

    ‘loneliness affects many people in old age’
    • ‘Even in my old age the blood of my people allows me to maintain an impeccable sense of sight.’
    • ‘He had yet to be diagnosed with the Parkinson's disease that would afflict his old age and he was still fighting.’
    • ‘The anger that people feel about having their old age stolen from them is growing stronger.’
    • ‘It is accepted that most people are not saving enough for their old age and will have to rely on means-tested benefits.’
    • ‘I think it's important to spread your assets, and not rely completely on your pension to see you through old age.’
    • ‘All this was in complete contrast to the manner of most people in their old age.’
    • ‘He played competitive tennis until he was well into old age and only ever became angry on the tennis court.’
    • ‘The essays he wrote in his old age put him in the role of the nation's conscience.’
    • ‘The aim is a good one - to give people more security in their old age based on their own savings.’
    • ‘Grace was his only child. a child of his old age who had brought him nothing but joy.’
    • ‘So, stories about how people are putting too little aside for old age are in the news again.’
    • ‘Last year the pensions commission warned that 12 million people are failing to save enough for their old age.’
    • ‘Adolescence is generally a healthy period of life compared with early childhood and old age.’
    • ‘Why do so many people now refuse to save for their old age because they do not trust some of our biggest financial institutions?’
    • ‘The neoclassical theory says that people will save the right amount for their old age.’
    • ‘We all know that everyone grows with a lot of features carried over from childhood to old age!’
    • ‘Had he decided to stick around another few decades he most likely would've entered old age quite prosperous.’
    • ‘There will also be an incentive for people to move from England to Scotland for free personal care in their old age.’
    • ‘She suffered in her old age, losing the ability to eat, walk, go to the toilet and wash.’
    • ‘Many people, however, spend a substantial part of old age in a debilitating condition.’
    declining years, advanced years, elderliness, age, agedness, oldness, autumn of one's life, winter of one's life, senescence, senility, dotage
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    1. 1.1 The state of being old.
      ‘old age itself is not a disease’
      • ‘Therefore there are many more people suffering the diseases that were once linked only with extreme old age.’
      • ‘Most plantations are now mature and many will be felled or will deteriorate due to old age during the next decade.’
      • ‘You used to die at home of old age, rather than in hospital being treated for something incurable.’
      • ‘The late Norman MacCaig once told him about old age withering his talents.’
      • ‘People are living longer, and with old age comes frailty and more long term illnesses.’
      • ‘From classical Greece to modern Islam, old age is something that is honoured and cherished.’
      • ‘The left champions the equal right to healthcare and the sanctity of childhood and old age.’
      • ‘Sometimes it looks as if death and old age are included among these diseases.’
      • ‘One of the few benefits of old age is that you don't have to worry what people think about you, he tells me.’
      • ‘The exhibition presents Whistler's women in the three ages of childhood, adulthood and old age.’
      declining years, advanced years, elderliness, age, agedness, oldness, autumn of one's life, winter of one's life, senescence, senility, dotage
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old age

/ˌoʊld ˈeɪdʒ//ˌōld ˈāj/