Definition of oilseed in English:



  • Any of several seeds from cultivated crops yielding oil, e.g., rape, peanut, soybean, or cotton.

    • ‘Evidently there isn't enough land in the UK to grow oilseed for bio-fuel even to meet the EU 2020 target and to grow crops to feed people.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the EU lets oilseed enter the market duty free, but imposes high duties on processed oils from Indonesia and Malaysia.’
    • ‘The company, which has been based in Barlby Road, Selby, for almost 80 years, blames lack of demand for oilseed and a fiercely competitive market.’
    • ‘Approval would allow the genetically modified oilseed to be grown in Britain.’
    • ‘The black oilseed, well-suited to the production of sunflower oil, is especially attractive to birds because they spread the rich oil over their feathers to keep them warm and dry.’
    • ‘Yet another genetically-modified crop is in the offing, and this time for controlling aflatoxin levels in groundnut, the country's largest produced oilseed.’
    • ‘The study predicts that the situation would become particularly critical for organic farming of the rape oilseed as well as for intensive production of conventional maize.’
    • ‘This non-invasive technique can be used to measure traits like protein, oil, starch, and moisture content in grain and oilseed.’
    • ‘Hides and skins are the second largest export, followed by pulses, oilseed, gold, and chat.’
    • ‘The year after they introduced their seeds, Taylor switched from canola to flax, a different kind of oilseed.’
    • ‘One of our companions was astonished to find that the local Afghans only used flax as an oilseed, and had never heard of linen.’
    • ‘Crops such as oilseed and linseed which can be produced in bulk and processed quickly and efficiently may in future be modified to produce the anticoagulant hirudin which is found naturally in leeches.’