Definition of oil rig in US English:

oil rig


  • A structure with equipment for drilling and servicing an oil well.

    • ‘He never made big money and later worked on an oil rig off the coast of England.’
    • ‘From the claustrophobic setting of an underwater oil rig to the potential nuclear meltdown each scene slowly tightens the screws of suspense.’
    • ‘You can build up a lot of savings out on an oil rig.’
    • ‘The Spanish producers of the film, mostly set on an oil rig in the North Sea, had planned to shoot in the republic but their search for a suitable location came up dry.’
    • ‘After high school, Simms bounced around for a few years, working briefly at a chemical plant and later on an oil rig in Lafayette, Louisiana.’
    • ‘He stars as a hard-as-nails pilot, who is hired to close down a remote oil rig in the Gobi Desert, to the obvious dislike of its crew.’
    • ‘It's a question about foot-and-mouth disease and the recent sinking of Petrobras, the large oil rig owned by Brazil.’
    • ‘The device is about nine cubic inches in size and looks somewhat like a miniature oil rig, with four pillars on a table.’
    • ‘Mr Parker said an oil rig in a prime fishing zone off the Dongara coast was of major concern to local fishermen.’
    • ‘The oil rig would be transported to port for scrapping, while the legs would be left behind to become fish sanctuaries.’
    • ‘A lone red light blinked out in the distance, probably an oil rig.’
    • ‘At this time, I was working on a two weeks on, two weeks off basis on an oil rig in the North Sea.’
    • ‘If we had the latticed structure it would turn the ride into a more industrial looking structure, more like an oil rig.’
    • ‘In Brookmyre's book, published in 1999, murder and mayhem erupt during a school reunion on board - of all places - a disused oil rig.’
    • ‘Who knows, to contain and harness that much power it may have to look like a Saturn 5 launcher, or an oil rig.’
    • ‘As the boys try to escape from the village, they encounter a large tanker truck, which the audience initially believes is an oil rig.’
    • ‘Despite his training being severely restricted due to working on an oil rig, he has been selected to represent England in the punishing decathlon event.’
    • ‘The oil rig was the first job I ever had that paid well, so instead of going back to college that summer, I kept that job.’
    • ‘He wrote the play after meeting Vietnam veterans working on an oil rig who were still troubled by the events of 30 years ago.’
    • ‘The story starts with a narrowly averted major disaster on an oil rig.’


oil rig

/ˈoil ˌriɡ//ˈɔɪl ˌrɪɡ/