Definition of oil press in English:

oil press


  • An apparatus for pressing oil from seeds, fruits, etc.

    • ‘Most of the artifacts are of pioneering in nature, such as handmade flour mill, oil presses, a 105-year-old thresher, loom, etc.’
    • ‘Their products have included the Yenga oil press, maize seed applicator, ice-making machine, and several rural transportation devices (bicycle drawn trailers).’
    • ‘The fruits are pressed in communal oil presses and, more often than not, transported by horse-drawn cart.’
    • ‘Later, before the use of steam power, wind was used to power grain mills, oil presses, irrigation and drainage pumps in areas such as Holland, where climate or geography prevented the use of water power.’
    • ‘Occupied by the Romans in around 40BC, it developed into a thriving city of 20 000, with a flourishing trade in oil (one house in four had an oil press), corn and wild animals such as lions, panthers and elephants.’
    • ‘The defter indicates that the Turkish property in the uplands consisted mainly of olive trees, fruit trees, vineyards, houses, and oil presses.’
    • ‘Housed in ancient solid stone buildings, each is decorated with ploughs, harnesses, ceramic pots, long wooden baking trays and olive oil presses that evoke bygone rural life.’
    • ‘Their basic economic function as centres of agricultural production is well illustrated by the wine and oil presses that are an important feature here.’
    • ‘The oil presses in Pompeii were worked by the screw principle, for example.’
    • ‘Grants of property could include land, trees, vineyards, gardens, orchards, houses, oil presses, and mills.’
    • ‘This small artisanal oil press on the side of the road to Khouribga in central Morocco is one of about 16,000 similar installations throughout the country.’