Definition of oil pan in US English:

oil pan


North American
  • The bottom section of the crankcase of an internal combustion engine, serving as the reservoir for its lubricating oil.

    • ‘I had a cracked radiator, a leaking oil pan, and various other minor things wrong with my engine - I'm sure to the tune of at least $400.’
    • ‘The engine exhales through a 21-liter muffler and twin 15-liter resonators, and uses a cast-aluminum oil pan and liquid-filled engine mounts to reduce NVH levels.’
    • ‘One such feature is the oil pan axle configuration that has the four-wheel drive differential bolted directly to the oil pan instead of to the frame.’
    • ‘It also has a deeper oil pan, a lighter and more compact water pump, accessory drives that are 37-mm closer to the block, and a redesigned exhaust manifold.’
    • ‘Having seen what engine vibrations look like at the bottom of an oil pan, I had a hunch our once finely balanced turbine had serious problems.’


oil pan

/ˈoil ˌpan//ˈɔɪl ˌpæn/